Save Money

Medibank Private 

Medibank_logoWe are the only Carlton Chiropractor given access to the “members choice” providers program which offers a huge discount per visit, much more than non-providers.

This means more money back in your pocket and less to pay on the day.

Depending on your cover you can get a 55% – 100% discount!

Book an appointment here and claim your Medibank Private discount.

Visit the Medibank Private website here for details.


Receive a bigger discount because we are part of the “members first” associates programme.BUPA_3_COL_TEMP_AW

This includes:

• certainty of known out-of-pocket expenses for specified chiropractic services.
• increased benefits on specified chiropractic services.
• on-the-spot, electronic claiming facilities. (Hicaps)

Receive up to 100% back and at least 60% back on most chiropractic services subject to the conditions of the cover you have.

Book an appointment here and claim your BUPA discount.

Visit the BUPA website here for details.



Bulk Bill X-Rays

For any spinal related conditions we will refer you to an excellent X-Ray facility who bulk bills their service. You will not be out of pocket.


ECP – up to 5 visits per year with a doctor’s referral.



You do not need a referral from your Doctor to see us. Make an appointment as soon as possible. You pay nothing! We bill the relevant authority.
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You do not need a referral from your Doctor to see us. Visits will be paid in full over specified TAC minimum thresholds. With all TAC claims if you have stayed in hospital overnight or all day, prior to making an appointment with us then you pay nothing.
If you have not been admitted to a hospital, you are responsible for the first $584 of treatment charges.
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Veterans Affairs

If you are a vet, then you are entitled to special privileges for treatment. Please get a referral from your GP and ensure the paperwork is filled out correctly, then give us a call straight away for your appointment. Your visits are not limited in number and treatment is according to your card status, – Gold or White.
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