3 Simple Exercises – Thank you



Hi and Congratulations


I have organised the 3 SIMPLE EXERCISE videos for you to watch and download if you wish to, on our facebook page. The link is below.

I have also sent you a special email as an introduction and to just express my thanks again for taking interest in what I do, but more-so in looking after yourself!


Before you go to the videos, can I ask you to do 2 quick and easy things please.

  1. Check all your mail folders including the spam folder, just in case, to ensure you received my email and to get the gift included.

  2. Please whitelist my email address. ie; add it to your favs or an interest or even work category or folder, just to ensure you don’t miss out on any other gift I send your way. I have some fantastic tips and health info to help you regain flexibility, sleep at night without any distress, reduce muscle pains and much, much more. Its all free to you. There’s nothing to buy here. I just hope I can help.

The link to go to for the 3 Simple Exercises is right here : Carlton Health 3 Simple Exercises Facebook Videos

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Congratulations again

To your Health & Happiness

Dr Col Budich